Otherness Series

Exploring the Other Workshop Series
With Instructor David Collura (Limited Spaced) 

How do we respond to the ‘Other’? Whether it is other people, other ideas, or other sides of ourselves, that which we label ‘Other’ can cause discomfort, confusion, fear, and much else. What if we were to explore the Other proactively?

What if we found that the Other was a transformative source of power, renewal, and redemption?

In this powerful series, course creator David Collura fosters an environment that is both supportive and growth oriented. Individuals have the chance to exchange ideas and participate in dialogues that authentically let us cross the aisles of self-hood using empathy and heart.


$45 for 4 part series

Limited to 8 Students Per Session

Fall Session Dates:

Day 1: Thursday, September 19th, 8 – 9 PM, EST

Day 2: Thursday, September 26th, 8 – 9 PM, EST

Day 3: Thursday, October 3rd, 8 – 9 PM, EST

Day 4: Thursday, October 10th, 8 – 9 PM, EST

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Course will be taught by David Collura