Out-of-Body Fundamentals

With Author Luis Minero and the Mosaic Core Team of Instructors 


What is an out-of-body experience (OBE)? Why would someone attempt to have one? Are there reasonable ways to understand this and make use of it in our life? This workshop helps to answer these questions and more. We welcome experienced astral travelers and OBE-newbies alike, offering a framework for individuals to have their first experience, or to enhance their ongoing practice.

Upcoming Dates

Jun 12

Out-of-Body Fundamentals (Online)

June 12 @ 1:00 pm - June 13 @ 1:00 pm EDT

Subtle Body Clearing and Release

Subtle Body Clearing and Release
Online Guest Instructor Mike Lydon, LCSW

Realization Process Advanced Trauma Repair Facilitator

In this online workshop, we will learn meditation and subtle energy work practices that allow us to directly experience our own inner vitality, spiritual clarity, and deep-seated emotional well-being. This class offers practical techniques for overcoming energy blocks and unconscious constrictions held in our somatic memory. We will learn meditation techniques that are psychologically friendly (i.e. will not cause dissociation or spiritual bypassing) and which are a “direct path” to spiritual awakening.
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Otherness Series

Exploring the Other Workshop Series
With Instructor David Collura 

How do we respond to the ‘Other’? Whether it is other people, other ideas, or other sides of ourselves, that which we label ‘Other’ can cause discomfort, confusion, fear, and much else. What if we were to explore the Other proactively?

What if we found that the Other was a transformative source of power, renewal, and redemption?

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Death and Grieving

Grief, Death, and Moving On Workshop
With Instructor Ashley Melidosian and Mosaic Team of Instructors 

Although the exact details of what happens after death is unknown, dealing with death is inevitable. How can we honor our loved ones while still moving on with our lives and serving those around us? What do we know about individuals who have already passed on and how can we use this information to heal our relationships?

This workshop explores different perspectives on death and provides a framework for handling the difficult topics related to death and grief.

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Talking for Good

Talking for Good Series (Online Community)

Tackling the world’s problems, one chat at a time! Every month we will feature a person or group working in their communities and making a difference. All are invited to attend! Attend for new ideas, to get inspired, and to enjoy an exchange of information.

We hope that by sharing different stories and perspectives, each and every one of us will be inspired to find the side of ourselves that can give back to our own community in authentic ways. You will never be asked to donate or volunteer during a discussion session. 

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