Wellness Counseling

Mosaic is proud to offer personalized, 1-on-1 counseling for wellness, growth, and self-realization.

Each of us is on a personal path of growing and learning. At times in our journey, it can make a difference to have a supportive relationship with a trained practitioner. Working through things together, we are better able to orient ourselves toward well-being and self-knowledge on our evolutionary trek.

Counseling can help a person to strengthen their emotions; can support a person’s ability to handle daily pressures; can help to improve a person’s capability to work with energies; and can support other coaches so that they can reach the maximum potential of assisting their own clients.

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Italo Martins

Italo Martins holds an MA in psychology with specialization in logotherapy. He is currently a Social Psychology doctoral student in Salamanca, Spain.

Italo has been involved in counseling, education, and research within transpersonal psychology, mind-body wellness, and personal and spiritual growth for nearly 30 years, and has offered educational programs and spiritual mentoring throughout Europe, the US, and South America. He is accepting appointments in Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Prices: $95 per 50-minute session or 2 sessions for $150

Rosalba Teodora Cordeiro

Rosalba Cordeiro, MA Psych, is a mental health counselor in Brazil, with specialization in Internal Family Systems therapy.

Rosalba has worked as a clinical psychotherapist with a focus in grief counseling for over 15 years, working in South America and Europe. She also has extensive coaching and consulting experience in human resources and in conflict management for individuals and organizations. She is accepting appointments in Portuguese and Spanish.

Prices: $95 per 50-minute session or 2 sessions for $150

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Mosaic counselors different?

When you register with a Mosaic counselor, you are not only receiving a dedicated and supportive individual able to listen, reflect, and act as a sounding board for your current situation. You are also getting a highly-trained and sensitive individual accustomed to dealing with difficult energies, non-physical relationships, and past-life influences. Although these factors may not always come up in each individual session, our team is prepared and qualified to navigate these issues.

In using any services of Mosaic Wellness and Education or any of its staff instructors/practitioners, you agree to our terms and conditions.