At Mosaic we truly believe that each individual is capable of living a fulfilled, examined, and authentic life. For those looking for additional support outside of our books, classes, and events, we offer spiritual and life coaching services online. Our goal to act as a sounding board, provide useful feedback, and when appropriate, help you to understand your spiritual (ie energetic and nonphysical) life. View our available coaches and their specialties below and schedule a session today.

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Available Coaches

Rosalba Teodora Cordeiro

Rosalba Cordeiro, MA Psych, is a mental health counselor in Brazil, with specialization in Internal Family Systems therapy.

Rosalba has worked as a clinical psychotherapist with a focus in grief counseling for over 15 years, working in South America and Europe. She also has extensive coaching and consulting experience in human resources and in conflict management for individuals and organizations. She is accepting appointments in Portuguese and Spanish.

Prices: $95 per 50-minute session or 2 sessions for $150

Italo Martins

Italo Martins holds an MA in psychology with specialization in logotherapy. He is currently a Social Psychology doctoral student in Salamanca, Spain.

Italo has been involved in counseling, education, and research within transpersonal psychology, mind-body wellness, and personal and spiritual growth for nearly 30 years, and has offered educational programs and spiritual mentoring throughout Europe, the US, and South America. He is accepting appointments in Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Prices: $95 per 50-minute session or 2 sessions for $150

Luis Minero

Specialties: Life purpose, energetic assistance, energetic control, spiritual guidance, Out-of-Body experiences.

Prices: $125 per 75-minute session

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