New Year Spirit – Lessons for Engaging the Great Space of Time

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It is now 2019, and a new year stands before us, alive and unknown. This is a time of optimism and uncertainty: for all our planning, we cannot control exactly where we will be in three, six, or twelve months. This feeling is familiar at Mosaic. We started this organization exactly three months ago, gazing into a mysterious marathon, unsure of where it would lead.

Here are the best lessons I have learned in that time, and I hope that it may be of benefit to our readers, as we all presently stand before another precipice of time.

The Unknown is not your weakness, but your power. Our most common response to the unknown is one of hostility or evasion. We experience anxiety; we begin planning; we try to make the unknown known. And yet, when do we feel the most truly powerless? It is when our world is fully defined, and there are no new ideas, experiences, or factors to uncover.

But when we embrace the unknown, we embrace possibility, exploration, free space. The poet Ginsberg referred to ‘the starry dynamo in the machinery of night’; the philosopher Lao Tzu evoked ‘subtle wonder within mysterious darkness’; I believe this is the unknown. It is available to all of us at all times. It is our great nemesis who has turned out to be our secret succor, fueling and nourishing us in the dark. When we befriend the unknown, we become powerful co-creators with Life; we atone with her truly living quality.

Dwell in space, and release what is hidden. I am often amazed at how continuous engagement brings out what is needed. While writing, organizing, or designing something, one hundred preconceived ideas are abandoned as I journey into the unpredictable process of creation. During this process of flow, my conscious mind recedes, and I am a facilitator of the organic process which is at play. All I do is dwell. I stay connected. When the cycle of work completes, I look over what has been completed, and it has unintentionally fulfilled the most important ideas I had at the outset.

When we feel blocked or uninspired, simply dwelling in a space for a sustained period of time with that creative intention can almost always – like magic – bring about the space which brings about the desired object.

Your authentic lifestyle is a slow plant which yields great fruit. Each of us wants to feel like ourselves. We want to do the work that feels meaningful to us. We want to be recognized for who we have chosen to be today, and we want to be loved for who we are, have been, and always will be. This process, the journey of realizing these goals, is deeply personal, slow, and incremental. Along the way, we must refine ourselves and our ideas, learning and growing and maturing, so that the contours of our dreams can settle tangent to the landscape of our lived reality.

One main thing is: you cannot look for others to grant universal validation to your work. There are parts which may be undertaken with others, and parts which will be undertaken alone. There are parts that will be beautiful and others that may seem awkward or unpleasant. But if you are doing the work which is authentic to you, then it will forge increments of personal fulfillment and meaning. It will bring you closer to yourself, as inexorable as the seconds of time which move the earth around the sun.

Here at Mosaic, we all wish you a 2019 full of authenticity, beauty, and growth.

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