Is There More to Life?

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Is there more to Life?

If you knew that there was something bigger than just you and the physical world that surrounded you, would you live differently?

How would your choices differ, and would you relate to others in another way?

Some sincerely believe that any work and effort towards questioning life beyond the body is fruitless. Yet, it is surprisingly easy to verify that there is more to life with some practice, dedication, and will.  With more direct experiences, we can learn more about our world and go deeper with our own self-knowledge.

Below are three steps we can take today, to explore and more directly experience the multidimensional world around us.

Pay Attention to the Small Experiences You Have Already Had


Too often, people discard the experiences they do have or brush them off because they feel the experiences aren’t large enough.  Maybe you are looking for a spirit to materialize in front of you, or a table to move, or to see someone levitate in mid-air before you can take the experience seriously?

The trouble with this attitude is that psychic experiences rarely start off so profound. Since we are dealing with attuning our perceptions to more subtle dimensions, the chances are, your initial experiences will be more subtle than the ones you have in the physical dimension. In other words, you are going to need to look more carefully for small things at first such as a perception of energy, a subtle thought change, or an interesting synchronicity that comes your way.

When you get accustomed to paying attention to the small things, you learn to value these experiences. Taking note and valuing these experiences also makes you more open to having these experiences again. The more we pay attention, the stronger our perceptions get. Over time, having multidimensional perceptions become more natural and profound.

Be Willing to Change

Because the ‘more of life’ exists in subtle energies, our subtler postures and behaviors can greatly affect our experience. Therefore, changing how we perceive or process energies means changing ourselves.

Habits of thought, such as rigidly-held beliefs or a refusal to process information in new ways, can block our ability to have new insights or perceptions. In a way, we cannot ‘open our reality’ if we are not willing to open our minds.

If we wish to connect to different qualities of energy, as well, we must be energetically compatible with those energies. We may find that certain habits, such as sedentary or addictive behaviors, create conditions of energetic congestion and inertia, which inhibit our ability to have more expanded energetic experiences.

In many ways, exploring our reality goes hand-in-hand with exploring ourselves – and whatever way you slice it, that will lead to some degree of personal change.

Develop Proficiency with Subtle Energies

Whether in thought, subtle sensation, or extra-sensory perception, our spiritual frontiers exist in a medium of subtle energies. To empower us in this domain, we can develop basic proficiency in working with energy, so that we are somewhat familiar with it, and so that we can ensure some clarity and well-being of our own energies.

A perfect beginner’s technique is the Handheld Ball of Energy. To perform this technique do the following:

  1. Place your hands chest-height and chest-width apart, palms facing each other. It should look like you are holding a basketball up to your heart.
  2. Concentrate your focus and will to send energy from both palms toward each other and into the space between them. Do this for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Stop the transmission of energy, and move your hands closer together and further apart. Take your time and see if you can perceive any subtle sensations of the energy ball you have just made.

Common sensations for this exercise are feelings of heat or cold; force or pressure; buzzing or vibrations; as well as shifts in one’s overall mental, emotional, or energetic state.

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